How We Work

We immediately intervene.

The time between an alleged conduct violation and the scheduling of a disciplinary conference or hearing can sometimes be only a matter of days. It is critical to contact an attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and the information you provide at the beginning doesn’t come back to haunt you. Student Defenders will advise you of the best tactics and strategies available with the aim of minimizing the disruption of your studies, the negative impact on your academic record and, ultimately, your future. In representing students, we can have face to face meetings with school officials on your behalf and provide behind-the-scenes guidance and preparation to ensure the best possible outcome.

We Know How To Protect Your Rights And Your Future

Student Legal Assistance in New YorkOur track record of results for students facing disciplinary action or criminal charges gives us a unique insight on the thinking and goals behind college/university disciplinary codes and enforcement. Trust Student Defenders to guide your unique situation.

Our experienced team has a unique background in handling cases where students might face both criminal and college/university charges at the same time because criminal defense is second-nature to us. The Student Defender’s team includes former state and federal prosecutors: we know how police, prosecutors and the courts work. We can guide and defend you in criminal cases ranging from the most minor to the most serious. Most importantly, Student Defenders understands how the criminal case may affect your educational career and beyond.

New York Student Legal AssistanceWe vigorously fight for your rights to protect your investment in your education and your future.